Interview in Maverick magazine

Rhonda L Thomas, c. 2010.

Leigh Thomas Interview In June Issue of Maverick Magazine

FYI, we’re interviewed about music, life and stuff, and things in the June issue (no 83) of Maverick Magazine (pages 35/36).

Here’s an extraction:

tsm00076“Leigh Thomas is a fabulous new talent from the Southern States of America but has been living in South Wales with her manager/producer/husband for 10 years and in 2008 actually took her Citizenship exam and passed with flying colours. Her debut album, VOICES FORGOTTEN, released in late 2008 is still receiving rave reviews in both the UK and the US. It’s only because she is involved in so many other projects that she hasn’t got around to promoting the album with a tour.

I’d promised my wife that it would take about 40 minutes to do this telephone interview; but it took that long for us to introduce ourselves and go off at several tangents discussing Bill Bryson, soul music, North versus South Wales and how pretty our respective accents were (Leigh has the drawl of a Southern Belle and I’m a Geordie – you work out who was lying!)”

Read the rest of the interview online at Exact Editions. Maverick is also available in the local shops and WH Smiths (or Barnes & Noble stores in the United States).


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