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Leigh Thomas Voices Forgotten Garleighfield Records Myspace/leighthomasmusic 5/5 stars

Stunning debut album from a Welsh honey who was born and bred in the USA

For a young woman Leigh Thomas has had a helluva life! Not only was she born on a British Airforce base in Louisiana and brought up as a ‘Military Brat’ (her words), her dad’s job meant that she would move house every 3-4 years; then she eventually ran away from home at 16 and kept on running until by the time of her 30th birthday she reckons she’s had 30 different homes in her life. Thankfully she’s settled down now and all of those memories and experiences have been put to good use as material for the songs on VOICES FORGOTTEN her debut album. CD opener, Man From Idaho tells the tale of a lover who just tries too hard to impress her; ‘can’t you just chill a little bit?/can’t you ever let go?/can’t you just slow down?’ Her voice is cracked and broken, but you know in your heart of hearts she’ll still take him back. Least of all You opens with the sentence: ‘I had some really dark days in 1993’ and then she goes on to tell us about cleaning floors, taking pills and drinking wine – just to get over another broken heart—and hints at ‘what she nearly gave in to’. This is a beautifully haunting song and will touch a raw nerve in quite a few female listeners.

Each and every song tells a little story about Leigh Thomas’ life in the age old manner of top quality country music. I’m a Woman is powerful opus about the strengths and weaknesses of being a woman; then she follows that with a foot-stomper of a song called Men, in which she lists the types of man that she’s attracted to (sadly only fat middle-aged Geordies get missed out!). I can’t find a bad track out of the 14 and my absolute favourite is the ethereal Beautiful Pain, but I;ll leave it to you to listen and find out why.

Without wishing to stereotype or be sexist VOICES FORGOTTEN by Leigh Thomas will be loved and cherished by ladies who like a good tearjerker; but there’s plenty in here for sensitive chaps like myself to enjoy and play over and over again.

PS: Leigh’s dad was Welsh and she lives in Wales now; so I’m claiming her as a Brit! AH

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